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New Bill Gives Public Employees Two Unpaid Religious Holidays Per Year: What Does It Mean for Employers?

In this month’s HR Advisor column, Kristin Anger and the Attorneys of Summit Law Group, review the requirements of SB 5173 giving public employees two unpaid religious holidays per calendar year.
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New Law in Effect Regarding Health Care Information Received by an Agency (Jul 17)
New legislation that took effect on July 1, 2014 amends Washington State’s Uniform Health Care Information Act (UHCIA), chapter 70.02 RCW, to address the unauthorized receipt and disclosure of an individual’s health care information. More from MRSC Insight.

The Ultimate Leadership Top Ten List (Jul 16)
Recently, l ran across several enumerated lists of various leadership attributes. There were so many to choose from that I set about to find what I’m calling “The Ultimate Leadership Top Ten List”: ten lists containing from ten down to the one single most important attribute that every leader should have. More from MRSC Insight.

Pot Stores Are Opening Amid Concerns About Infused Products (Not Yet on the Shelves) (Jul 14)
The Liquor Control Board (LCB) has begun issuing licenses for retail marijuana stores, though against a backdrop of public concern involving marijuana edibles, particularly concerns about access of children to pot-laced candy. More from MRSC Insight.

Why Are Governments Stuck in the Stone Age? (Jul 16)
Cloud computing is a cheaper, more reliable way to manage electronic records than hard drives or paper -- yet a recent IRS scandal shows how governments at every level are slow to change their ways. More from Government Technology.

More Great Research Quantifying Smart Growth Benefits (Jul 16)
The Victoria Transport Policy Institute summarized research indicating that land use development patterns significantly affect travel activity. This research helps us understand how specific planning decisions will affect transport activity (how and how much people travel), and their ultimate economic, social and environmental impacts. More from Planetizen.

How to Start a Conversation You’re Dreading (Jul 16)
When you've got to break bad news to people, simply tell them, "People are resilient. I'm usually more uncomfortable delivering a difficult message than the other person is receiving it," writes Peter Bregman. More from Harvard Business Review.

The Dangers of Vehicle Pursuits: New Emerging Issues (Jul 16)
Have vehicle pursuits really become safer? In spite of changes in technology, training, tactics, and policies designed to reduce the dangers vehicle pursuits pose for police officers, the annual number of officers killed assisting in pursuits has steadily been on the rise. More from Police Chief.

Healthier, Wealthier, and Wiser - Local food systems provide more than one kind of sustenance (Jul 16)
In cities across the country, planners are talking about local food in a way that goes far beyond community gardens and farmers markets. They're talking about processing and distribution, slaughterhouses and trucks, jobs and economic development. More from Planning.

How Local Leaders Can Make Their City Small Business Friendly (Jul 16)
Whether it’s creating space for innovation, cutting red tape or proactively engaging the business community, there are many successful approaches that can be adopted by city leaders across the county. More from NLC.

A Quiet Revolution in Trash Trucks (Jul 16)
Garbage trucks get as little as three miles per gallon, making them prime targets in cities’ efforts to trim costs and curb greenhouse gas pollution. More from Governing.

Transportation Projects Don't Need to Take as Long as They Do (Jul 16)
Using "lean" concepts, urban mobility can evolve as rapidly as iPhone apps. As professionals serving the public in a sector with limited and uncertain funding, transportation planners can better serve their communities by embracing a more nimble and proactive process. More from The Atlantic City Lab.

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